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How To Buy A Log Home With Confidence - Insider Tips To Help You Avoid Costly Oversights

June 1, 2021

Often people start out planning to build their dream log cabin, but in the process of shopping for land come across a cozy cabin that is perfect for them. Instead of building they end up buying an already existing log home.

Today we want to give you some pointers on things to look for when considering purchasing a log home. Also, a word of caution - Not all home inspectors are educated about log homes. Make sure you ask the inspector about their experience with log homes or consider hiring an log home builder or restoration company to offer an inspection of the logs in addition to a traditional home inspection.

Here are some things you can look for and a secret to helping you avoid getting a log home with unforeseen problems such as log rot, settling issues, and lack of maintenance. We offer tips to help you get to the truth of what you are walking into to help you avoid overpaying for a log house.

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