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Shocking Truth About Log Cabin Construction Costs Compared to Stick Frame - Even We Couldn’t Believe It!

January 7, 2021

In this episode Founder and Owner David Byler shares a recent experience he had with a local custom home builder in Coeur d'Alene who had taken a set of our plans and bid it out for a stick frame home just to compare it to our prices. The truth will surprise you! It certainly left us all jaw-dropped!

David Byler founded Caribou Creek Log Homes in 1989 with his 2 brothers. Today, his son and son-in-law, still run the company. Caribou Creek builds log homes and delivers them around the world. We build cabins of all sizes from simplest designs to high end log-mansions. But no matter how big or small, the quality and craftsmanship is always top notch.

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Highlighted in this episode - 

- Price of a log home was significantly cheaper than stick frame (at least using labor costs in North Idaho)

- We discussed how log prices have not gone up but milled wood prices have causing construction materials such as OSB and 2x4's to be double or triple in some areas

- Construction labor prices

- Why contractors and plumbers lover Caribou Creek homes

- How a Caribou Creek home will save you time

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