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Insider Tips to Efficiently Plan Ahed for Your Dream Home

December 29, 2020

Maybe it’s Covid or maybe people are just fed up with the city and ready to head to the country to realize their dream of living in a log cabin. Whatever the reason is, countless people are packing up and moving all over the country.  There is evidence of this in real estate trends and contractors schedules. We’ve polled land brokers and realtors across the country and the consensus is that quality land is selling fast.  Additionally, contractors in various parts of the country are booked out in some cases 2 years or more.  As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for families looking to relocate and build a dream home in a rapid fashion. Today, we want to discuss a general timeframe outline to help you gauge what to expect as well as share insider secrets to help you COLLAPSE the time investment.

Lindsay interviews our in house draftsman Stuart Yoder, who inspired this topic to be released because of the backlog he is experiencing in the design department. With a sudden influx of projects we are discovering people are looking to build their dream home in the summer of 2021; however, some important pieces need to be in place before that can happen.

Todays episode reveals those pieces and outlines how you can keep your planned project on schedule without the interference of timely delays.

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