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Ep21: How Land Layout Effects Architectural Design

July 8, 2021

So often, while dreaming of a log cabin, cabin lovers start planning out their design. Many often sketch out an ideal layout and make changes to it over the years as they ponder their dream home. Sometimes what happens is the perfect land and the perfect floor plan don't match up as dreamily as we hope. That is no problem for Caribou Creek draftsmen! We can adjust your floor plan to fit on your site. 

Today, our episode features our newest team-member Jack Phillips, an architectural draftsman with a passion for designing log homes. Jack and Lindsay discuss 5 elements to consider about a land site and how they can affect the floor plan design.

Topics we discuss

-Geo technical engineering - soil load bearing conditions

- Water flow and how water can be incorporated into design

- How approach and view should be considered when planning a design

- How a house can be designed to get the most amount of sunlight without the side affects of blaring heat

- Thermal mass of log homes - controlling heating and cooling inside a house

- Topography - How your building sits on your site

- Context and layout of the land and how that affects home placement

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