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Ep 15: Comparing Building Vs. Buying - 3 Tips Cabin Lovers Needs To Know Before Deciding Between Building A Log Home or Buying One

May 24, 2021

Shopping for an already built home is drastically different from planning to build a custom log home. In this podcast episode host Lindsay discusses 3 tips everyone should know when planning to build a dream home instead of buying.

The beauty of shopping for homes is we have the luxury of seeing the home as it is and deciding what we like or what we don't. We can decide how our furniture will look and how we will use each room. In essence, we can look at the home and decide how we can work our lives around the existing structure.

However, when designing and building a log home it is not quite that simple. We have to imagine the space we are creating, be mindful of how we are accustomed to having our home arranged for our convenience and preference. Things we often take for granted or are not even aware of.

Additionally, when going into the process of building there are many unknowns that we won't know until we have been through the process completely. Working diligently to determine our budget and to stay within those perimeters can be challenging as well as concerning for anyone who is on a tight budget. This podcast offers solutions to help cabin lovers like you prepare yourself for the process of designing and building your dream log home.

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